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The Triple-D Sisterhood

Note: This post is written only half in jest as a protest against the continuing efforts to reduce women to the status of sexual objects.

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Come in, ladies, sit down at the table and pass the ice cream; we have a problem to solve.

I do not call this the Triple-D Sisterhood because of anybody’s bra size.  I call it that because we have been Disenfranchised, Disrespected and are Disgusted with what the old men in Washington and the State capitols have been doing to us.  They have declared it their prerogative to take the direction of our physical care, our health, and our moral responsibility out of our hands and to mandate what we must do with our lives, our mental and physical well-being, and our most personal decisions.

Many senior members of our sisterhood wear the scars of the “war for equality” and had believed that we were the victors.  Now we learn that every generation of women are going to have to fight it over again.  We are old and tired and it is time for us to support the younger generation as they stand up to the same mindset that we are experienced in fighting, and we can do that best by relaying the basic information that we have gathered as the result of our efforts.

First, our male counterparts, (otherwise known as “the enemy”), find themselves in a recession of their own making and they feel that any job held by a woman is a job that would be better done by a man.  Toward that end, they are promoting the old bromide that “a woman’s place is at home, in the kitchen and bare-footed.”  Never mind that most working women are working to support their families due to a disabled, unemployed, or absent husband. If only they could be forced to do what they are supposed to do, the menfolk could straighten things out and solve all the problems.  Thus, not only abortion but all forms of birth control must be made unattainable to them.

The most obvious response to this might appear to be a boycott of sex by women, known as the Lysistrata Offensive, but it can only work if all women agree.  The alternative is to place the blame exactly where it belongs….with the men!  I am old and I grew up on a farm.  My introduction to the reproductive process came from watching my mother as she began to prepare eggs that were gathered from her hens to be placed in the incubator to hatch a new crop of baby chicks.  The eggs were “candled” by looking at them through a hole in a container that was placed over a lamp.  When placed over the hole, the eggs became sufficiently opaque that one could see the interiors.  Inside the shell, even a youthful eye could discern clearly the yolk in the center.  If there were a small, white squiggle attached to the yolk, the egg was place in one container to be transferred to the incubator.  If not, it went into another to be used for breakfast.  It was explained to me that the white squiggly thing was the sperm from the rooster.

This brought home for all time the knowledge that there are no baby chicks in a chicken egg and there are no babies in a human egg!  The babies are in the sperm, each of which penetrates the egg and consumes it, eventually making contact with the blood supply of the “hostess” and drawing nutrition from her until it outgrows its “container” and breaks free.  Without the sperm, the woman’s egg is expelled while a hen’s egg is breakfast!

We must insist that the medical community cease its research into ways to prevent women from having babies to developing ways to prevent men from distributing sperm.  They begin producing this product at puberty, often as early as 10 to 12 years and it continues for their lifetimes, often into extreme old age.  The only really effective means of birth control for men currently is the vasectomy, a simple surgery but a permanent solution and one that few men will consent to have done inasmuch as they consider their ability to impregnate women to be a sign of their manhood.  If they choose to continue to take our right to control our own health, they must do whatever is necessary to avoid the risk of being denied the pleasure of our bodies.  We’re going to “cook breakfast”.

This writer is an octogenarian who has spent a half century working with handicapped and deprived people and advocating on their behalf while caring for her own working-class family.  She spends her “Sunset Years” in writing and struggling with The System.

Maddow: “They have been focused like a laser – on your uterus.”

One hundred and forty-one days after the Republicans promised a “jobs bill,” the Republicans proposed a limp 10-page document on the subject. What have they been doing in the meantime (besides promising to kill Medicare as we know it)? They have been obsessed with your uterus.

Since coming to power in Washington, Republicans have tried (so far unsuccessfully) to:

  • Cut off Planned Parenthood funds as part of the battle over this year’s budget
  • To make it easier for hospitals to refuse abortion cases
  • To make it more expensive for small businesses to purchase insurance under the healthcare act that would cover abortion, and
  • To ban abortion training funds

Getting in on the obsession, the Senate GOP would fine and imprison doctors who don’t provide advance notice to parents of an abortion procedure.

And if the foregoing isn’t sufficiently radical, the actions of some states have given new meaning to extremism. A Louisiana House committee approved a BAN on abortions. The bill extends penalties for “feticide” to women who have abortions and to doctors who perform them. In its original form, women who have abortions could be sent to prison for five to 15 years. Subsequently modified, the prison term now only applies to doctors. Omitting women but targeting physicians is apparently considered “compassionate conservatism.” Or are there simply more women voters than physician voters?

Fifteen states, where Republicans control the legislatures, have anti-abortion proposals that carry jail time for doctors: Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, New Mexico and Idaho. Watch this Rachel Maddow Show segment to see just how vile and insane these Republican-controlled legislatures have become. I guarantee that your jaw will drop.

Although there is a constitutionally guaranteed right to an abortion, Republicans pick and choose which constitutional rulings they like, or they invent new ones such as “corporations are people.” These state laws are being passed with full knowledge that they violate the constitution.

With the help of Republican presidents beginning with Ronald Reagan, the United State’s courts – from District courts to Appellate courts to the Supreme Court – have been packed with judges and justices whom Republicans hope and expect will ultimately lead to rewriting constitutional protections to deny women’s reproductive rights – from the right to choose to contraceptive freedom. These state proposals and laws are tools for reaching the Robert’s Supreme Court in order to abolish Roe v Wade and the privacy rights that support the ruling.

Five of the U.S. Supreme Courts justices are Roman Catholic. The Catholic Church has threatened to excommunicate public officials who act to support reproductive rights, specifically abortion rights. The Catholic Church also opposes contraception. Make no mistake, contraception restrictions are also part of the Republican war on women and families. It’s about religion. It’s about power over women. And it’s un-American.

A Moose after Palin’s heart

Sarah Palin loves moose hunting, or so we are told. She also is anti-choice, the freedom of women to make their own reproductive choices without government interference. But there is at least one Moose that she will not go shootin’ at.

Justin Carl Moose was arrested earlier this week. He was charged with “providing information related to the making, use, or manufacture of an explosive, destructive device, or weapon of mass destruction to a person Moose believed was planning to bomb a women’s health clinic in North Carolina.”

The complaint states that Moose used a social networking site to advocate violence against women’s health care clinics, especially those performing abortions.

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