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“Shadow Government”

Koch Brothers cabal meets in Colorado to plan secret strategies.

Colorado has been the preferred location for holding the secretive meetings of the American “shadow government” since the early 1980s. Once again they met in Colorado, this time on June 26th at the exclusive and secluded Ritz-Carlton Resort at Bachelor Gulch near Vail for the Koch brothers’ invitation-only strategy conference. At this secret conference they plot their next steps, especially how the Brothers Koch (Charles and David) and their millionaire, right-wing donors will spend their money.

Also determined will be the messaging that the destructive right-wing people and entities will use as the nation begins to prepare for the 2012 elections. If you listen side-by-side to audio/video clips of all of the Republican Tea Party elected officials, pundits, and think-tankers, the buzzwords become astonishingly apparent. The words have been focus-group tested by such linguistic gurus as Frank Luntz; and the Republican Tea Party never drifts from the prescribed framing.

In January, the “shadow government” met in Palm Springs, CA. But the less-secluded location in a populated state produced 1,500 protesters. Live and learn, even for rightwing movers and shakers who would destroy America as we know her.

Vigilant progressives discerned Sunday’s location when one of the attendees, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, let it slip in his open-access schedule.

Gathered near this intended top-secret strategy meeting of conservative funders, officials, and opinion makers and with little advance notice, progressive activists from around Colorado demanded an end to recent attacks on Medicare and Social Security, and other institutions vital to the middle class in America.

Colorado Progressives say "no" to Koch Brothers agenda.

Under their perverted definition of “free market,” the Koch brothers and their kindred agents, will never give up on their demands for privatization of Social Security and Medicare. If they succeed, they will create “death panels” as have never been known before. Not just “grandma” will be thrown under the bus, but so will everyone else who lives long enough to be a “grandma” (or grandpa).

The billionaire Koch brothers are leading funders of the Tea Party, conservative think tanks, and countless unnamed groups who appear on TV every election spreading lies and misinformation.

While they meet is secretive sessions, there is nothing secretive about their purpose. They want to dismantle Medicare, Social Security and every other progressive achievement beginning with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal through the Great Society and everything since that has been enacted that benefits the middle class, worker class and those in poverty.

If they succeed, this will be an America that will be unrecognizable. Its immorality will shame us all in the eyes of decent human beings at home and around the world.