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Join forces for “YES” on Longmont’s Fiber Optic Referendum

Do you remember receiving any of these items in your mailbox during the Municipal elections in 2009?

Your friendly Telecommunications provider Comcast Corp. was only too happy to swamp the residents of Longmont with misleading direct-mail brochures to defeat a 2009 ballot question on the City of Longmont’s own fiber-optic network.

The group ‘No Blank Check Longmont,’ whose registered agent was local attorney Richard Lyons II, spent $245,513 on electioneering efforts (including the slick direct-mail propaganda) to defeat the ballot question. At least $224,500 of that amount was contributed by the Colorado Cable Telecommunications Association, consisting of Comcast, Optimum, Rocky Mtn. Cable and U.S. Cable.

If you are somewhat bothered, or are downright outraged, at the deceptive tactics of big-money operations like Comcast and ‘No Blank Check’ to manipulate local elections, then come to a formation meeting for an advocacy group to support passage of the measure to give control of its existing fiber-optic network back to the City of Longmont.

Mr. Vince Jordan, president of RidgeviewTel in Longmont, will give an overview, and will solicit your ideas about organizing the advocacy group. If possible, staff members from the City may be there also.

Please come and help us find a constructive way to express our pent-up anger against big-money political influence.

DATE:      Friday, Sept. 2

TIME:      4:00 pm.

PLACE:    Longmont Progressive Center 723 Main St.

Email:      progress723@q.com