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Rocky Flats Nuclear Guardianship

Site of future Rocky Flats Wildlife Refuge

Rocky Flats: A Call to Guardianship, is a project of the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center and the Environmental Studies Department of Naropa University.

“Highly toxic radioactive plutonium remains in soil at the site of the former Rocky Flats nuclear bomb factory south of Boulder. Tiny particles of plutonium may be picked up by the wind and unwittingly inhaled, taken into the body via a scrape or open wound, or ingested, endangering health for decades to come.

Yet the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service plans to turn most of the site into a Wildlife Refuge open for public recreation.

Rocky Flats Nuclear Guardianship, a local initiative, counters this irresponsible plan. Nuclear Guardianship draws on art, science and spirituality to translate a tragic legacy of radioactive contamination into an inspiring example of ecological caretaking.”

Read more about the initiative here.