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Attacks on Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sometimes I think the street signs bother them the most.

A member of the Greeley-Evans 6 Board of Education has delivered a huge shiner to the Board and the communities it serves. For three years board member Brett Reese has broadcast at his KELS-FM radio station a letter that derides Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. as a “sexual degenerate, an American-hating communist and a modern-day ‘plastic god’.”

The school board had the basic decency to reject this poor excuse for a representative, whether for education or any other legitimate public purpose or group. The Board passed a resolution declaring that Reese’s broadcast is “in no way reflective of the beliefs of the Board of Education and School District 6.”

The letter has been pushed for years by Stormfront, “a community of White Nationalists.”

Tobias Guzmán, chairman of the Human Relations Commission for the city of Greeley, said it’s unfortunate that Reese is perpetuating hate in society by repeatedly reading the letter.

Claiming death threats, Brett Reese told media outlets that he would carry his .45 caliber pistol with him, even to school board meetings. Greeley police served Reese with a restraining order Thursday (January 13, 2011), acting on a request filed by Greeley radio station KFKA owner and General Manager Justin Sasso. Sasso said Reese made a phone call to the station threatening a “shoot out” after KFKA began soliciting Reese’s advertisers.

Subsequently, the Weld County Sheriff temporarily suspended Reese’s concealed weapon permit.

Clearly Colorado has its share of racists and white nationalists. Some are overt; others are not. It is hoped that members of the school district will recall Brett Reese and limit his audience for hate.