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Karl at the Crossroads

From ‘Say It Ain’t So Already

Beware Karl Rove’s “Grassroots” Political Organization

This is a must-read – “Grassroots” Rove-Linked Group Funded Almost Entirely by Billionaires.

Here’s a snippet:

[UPDATED]Virtually all of the $4.7 million raised by Karl Rove’s new conservative outfit was contributed by just four billionaires, three of whom are based in Dallas, Texas, and two of whom made their fortune in the oil and gas industry.

The IRS filing of American Crossroad an outside 527 group that was conceived by Rove and ex-RNC chair Ed Gillespie, gives a good taste of who is funding the GOP effort to make big gains in the House and Senate come the fall. The group has already burned through $600,000 on ads attacking Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who is facing a reelection contest against Republican Sharron Angle (see one of the spots below). Chaired by another ex-RNC chair, Mike Duncan, American Crossroads has pledged to raise $50 million to beat Democrats in the midterms and has been seen by some as a competitor to the Republican National Committee itself.

And despite the group’s description of itself as “grassroots,” Salon’s review of its IRS filings show that four billionaires have contributed 97 percent of the $4.7 million it has raised to date. There are no limits on how much corporations, unions, and individuals can donate to 527 groups. Here’s a guide to American Crossroads’ four donors.

A few months ago I read (can’t find it now) that Rove essentially intends to render the Republican National Committee irrelevant and to make “American Crossroads” the dominant Republican organization.  Well, I mean, along with Rush, Fox and Breitbart of course.