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Tea partiers steep in fine

You'd swear they were on acid they're so delusional

Accountability. Every so often the folks that need to be held accountable… are.

“I am astonished and appalled that someone has the right to view my organization’s private records and require my attendance at a deposition simply by filing a complaint.” – Sheldon Bloedorn

“This decision is simply about accountability.” – Mark Grueskin

And there it is; the Tea Party simply does not get it that in a nation where rule of law prevails you can be held to the law even if you stamp your foot and declare “I won’t!!”

This monumentally self-absorbed knucklehead cost his ‘party’ $20,000 – and if those damn libruls had wanted to they could have gotten $80,000.

I’d say the Tea Party got off easy this time – and there’s damn little their low pal in high places Mr. Gessler can do except give them more time to pay it – but pay it they will. Foot stomping notwithstanding.

Read the whole story by Patrick Malone at the Pueblo Cheiftan.

Proud ‘nanny-stater’

Signing the Declaration of Independence

Government, of by and for the people.

A Nov. 17 letter in the Times-Call, “Small government, free market a radical idea,” prompted me to throw my hat into the ring of ideas. When the Founding Fathers are invoked as some sort of demigods, I like to remind the public that in fact they were really a bunch of privileged white men who helped put together a two-tiered system that perpetuated the continued advantage of their class. Women, Native Americans, slaves, indentured servants and those who owned no land were not part of the design.

But they were not all bad and had some great vision. For one thing, they were anti “free market,” if free market is defined as allowing corporations to wield as much power as they do today. The revolution was as much against huge corporations like the East India Company, whose tea was dumped into the bay, as it was against the King of England. The modern “tea party” derives from a revolt against corporate power, even though this subtlety seems to escape many who consider themselves “tea partiers.” In revolutionary times corporations were chartered by states, which could “pull the charters” if corporations got too powerful. They were tightly regulated and political contribution by corporations was a criminal offense. Corporations gained the ludicrous distinction of “personhood” nearly a century later.

The mention of “nanny state” in this letter makes me chuckle! This phrase must have been hatched by some “Fox News derisive moniker wizard.” Well, I’m all for a nanny state. Government, of by and for the people. A single-payer health system. Unions that provide a countervailing force against corporate looting of the middle class and the Earth. I guess I’m a proud “nanny-stater” and proud to endorse the Occupy Wall Street movement. Hopefully we will wake up before our children inherit a feudal state.

Cory Gardner promotes selfishness

I recently received a letter from Cory Gardner. In that letter, he assured me that my that my Medicare and Social Security benefits “will not change for you ever.”

If this was intended to reassure me, it did not do the job. What Cory Gardner is asking me and everyone over 55 to do is to be selfish, and not think of the coming generations that include our children, nieces, nephews and grandkids..

Working for the next generation is one of the ideas that made this country what it is. Those who fought in World War II did so to rid the world of a maniac and make the world a safer place. There are many such examples.

Asking us to be selfish does not seem like a good idea. Reducing the benefits of the coming generations benefits no one, except the rich who are not paying their fair share of taxes. In a recession, cash flow needs to be increased. The middle class will not be in a position to pull this country out of the recession until it is allowed to flourish. We need jobs and money to survive. All of us.

Cory Gardner’s actions do nothing to alleviate the problem. They are the actions of a young man who is following the corporate agenda. Either he is unable to resist the siren call of the corporate dollar or he is following that agenda without thought.

Rep. Gardner, read up on economics 101.

Rep. Cory Gardner has stated clearly, “I want to see spending cuts.” I wish Rep. Gardner would think about where these spending cuts are coming from. Education? Do we care about the classroom size of our children? Infrastructure? Are we planning to repair our own roads and bridges? Environment? Clean water to drink anyone? The social safety net did not get us into this fiscal house of horrors. It was wars that weren’t included in the budget and unbridled greed.

Cuts come from real people and real programs that were designed to protect citizens. Plus arguments about spending cuts aren’t adding up. Historically, cutting spending during recessionary times just makes the economy worse. (See 1937). Economists in both political parties are saying that what needs to happen is job creation, which requires spending not cutting. Once our economy is more stable reasonable cuts can and should be debated. Maintaining a rigid position in the face of contrary information is not smart. Please, Rep. Gardner, read up on economics 101. Draconian cuts now will not create jobs or put our country back on track. We need a representative who will work for the good of all the citizens in the 4th Congressional District.

Road to … a Banana Republic

Dead set on doing damage

Trampling the republic into a Banana Republic

I wouldn’t be breathing a sigh of relief over apparent agreement over the national debt and deficit. Getting a runner to first base isn’t much, and we haven’t yet got him there (the “fat lady” – the Tea Baggers – will have to commit to the mixed bill at least once more). If there are words in it having more than one syllable, well . . . It’s easy to see why I’m not very confident yet. We have been here before. Remember the Newt Gingrich “Contract With [On] America?” The government shut down in 1995. And what happened? That flareup cost the USA plenty. And U. S. companies slammed on the hiring brakes. Markets HATE uncertainty, and companies, while not fearing the shareholders, tend to take a wait-and-see approach. Why do you suppose we’ve had a “soft patch” in the economy so far this year? When did the Tea-Baggers go to Washington? With all the continuing instability we still look like a banana republic, and interest rates could still rise, perhaps a lot. That would really help the economy, like throwing a drowning man an anvil.

The wealthiest among us drew a pass – again. So, too, have the “job creators,” or corporate titans. McDonald’s created 60,000 jobs or so via a nationwide job fair of sorts over a month ago. Over one million people applied. Bravo for Ronald, but those jobs pay what? $10 an hour? Wow. Pardon me if I’m underwhelmed. Those workers won’t be buying much, beyond toilet paper, gasoline, and beans.

Workers have never claimed a lower share of national income growth than now, after inflation. Total employment remains lower than in late 2008, when corporate profits troughed. Not much sign of a trough now. But there’s no more tailwind from federal spending, and there won’t be any, now that the GOP has arm-wrestled the rest of Washington to no worse than a draw. And it’s all one way with the “Inc.” crowd, which still has more than $1 trillion stashed overseas. The firms intend to either hold their breaths until they turn blue, or secure yet another exemption or sweetheart deal allowing them to repatriate those funds with few or no worries about their disposition. Can you say, it’s third Lexus time? No, the very rich will peel that largesse out of the coffers and invest it. Wasn’t it overinvestment that got us into such a mess in 2007-09? Same verse, different tune in 2000 (Internet bubble).

Numerous banks are repaying TARP funds by – you guessed it – borrowing from the U. S. Treasury. The financial industry spent almost $half a billion last year lobbying in Washington. That’s a lot of champagne, sister. Private-equity fund operators have shown they are willing to repudiate debt at the drop of a hat. Meanwhile, they continue to pay themselves enormous management fees. Banks or bonds, it hasn’t mattered. But stop the (federal) borrowing, they say. I submit these nefarious practices need to stop long before federal “spending” does. And know this: there are no data suggesting that deficit spending in inflationary, either (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, 2010).

Those who advocate “austerity” should look around to see how well it’s working elsewhere. In the United Kingdom, austerity has become a dirty word. Retail sales languish, tax revenues are stuck in low gear, and home sales are lousy. A lot to like there. The tea haulers should tell us whether they are aware that in 2007 the average income tax rate for the 400 largest tax returns in the USA was 17%, down from 26% in 1992. Fair share, my butt.

Businesses may claim that regulation or uncertainty or banks’ reluctance to lend lie behind their slow sales, but it’s easy to find the villain here. People out of work don’t buy. Larger firms have made a conscious decision to avoid adding labor. These same firms are taking business away from smaller concerns. No wonder corporate profits are through the roof.

I find it interesting and amusing that the American people have suddenly had it up to here with debt. These are the same people who couldn’t borrow enough. Maxing out three, four, even eight credit cards was pretty common four years ago. So now they’re ticked off at their national government for apparently behaving in similar fashion? I have long advocated higher wages for the “rank and file;” had many of us had higher incomes in 2005 or so, would we have just borrowed more? There’s a bet.

What a fragile, perilous state we find ourselves in. It’s like sailing through an iceberg field while the captain and helmsman are drunk. But don’t be complaining about federal spending if you are benefiting from same. And items as remote as federal prisons, water quality standards, the operation of the federal judiciary, and border patrolling benefit us all. Yup; federal spending. You’d think Uncle Sam was throwing hundred-dollar bills out of helicopters. No, that was said to be Fed Chairman Bernanke’s strategy. No, the only thing we have to fear is (guess what?) Fear itself.

Thanks, Franklin.

Kermit’s a terrorist?

Saw this comment on the soon-to-be-under-new-management Times Call website:

Kermit, Eco-terrorist

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT rules are sweeping America, implementing a new system of justice and a new system of economics, while pretending to use the environment as society’s “Central Organizing Principal”. The sad news is Sustainable Development will eliminate private property, indoctrinate our children and destroy liberty in America and throughout the world. Would you like more details?
Sustainable Development is coming about through a high priority plan driven by the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI, and read that INTERNATIONAL!!) with the following goals of transforming local governments, with concentrated pressure on city managers, mayors and city council members to adopt certain policies. These polices will inevitably result in the end goal of equalizing income worldwide while controlling population, restricting capitalism and consumerism while destroying free market economies. (PLEASE READ THAT LAST PARAGRAPH AGAIN. AND THINK ABOUT IT!
Watch for these “buzzwords” as all are connected with Sustainable Development:
Green (anything)
Green Building
LEED Certified (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design)
Carbon Neutral
Carbon Footprint
Multimodal Transportation
Historic Preservation
Smart Growth
Smart Cars
Smart Meters
Smart Grid
Unanticipated Revenue
Pilot Projects
Pilot Programs
Conservation Easement
Triple Bottom Line Budgeting (All decisions based on “Society + Environment + Economy”)
End of Ride Facility
ICLEI Consulting Companies (Clarion Associates &/or Brendle Group)
Sustainability City/County Plans (such as Ft. Collins Plan, Boulder County Plan)
Zero Waste Plans
(deleted long stream of gibberish)

mirage – Loveland

Good grief. Whoever wrote this is making a loud, braying call to ‘eat the planet’ and ‘don’t forget the ketchup! BURRRP!’

Let’s go over this piece by piece. (I know this is much like a coprological exploration but trust me, there’s information to be gotten.)

Sustainable Development will eliminate private propertyAlways with this canard. This ‘private property‘ meme is  a litmus test for far-right thinking. ‘Private’ to these folks means ‘MINE! MINE! FOREVER! AND EVER! AND YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!’ This childish mindset is the best indicator that we’re dealing with an unhinged member of the lunatic fringe.
indoctrinate our childrenThe American Taliban routinely wave this claim around – what they really mean is “how dare anyone interfere with our indoctrination!” – God forbid the kids ever know the truth and opt for a ‘non-locust’ lifestyle.
destroy liberty in America and throughout the worldOhmigawd. The DFHs will take over! Seriously, recycling will destroy liberty? So the scrap drives for metal during the World Wars …destroyed liberty…? Ok guys… you’re clearly all alone out in deep right field (and still short a couple of balls).
ICLEI, and read that INTERNATIONAL!!It’s-a-con-spir-a-cy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahem. Time to increase the anti-psychotic medication again. Hurry, before the toaster finds you.
concentrated pressure on city managers, mayors and city council membersI.E. any form of activism. Of any kind except cheerleading. Ever. Oh, proclamations are okay too.
These polices will inevitably result in the end goal of equalizing income worldwide while controlling populationThis from the party that thinks 1% of the population should hold 99% of the wealth. We’re so far from any kind of income equality it’s laughable – and so is this half-concious rhetoric.
PLEASE READ THAT LAST PARAGRAPH AGAIN. AND THINK ABOUT IT!Hold your bible in one hand and your loaded rifle in the other!! Don’t forget to wet your pants for effect! Look out! There’s the TOASTER!!
Watch for these “buzzwords” as all are connected with Sustainable Development: Green (anything)So now Kermit’s a terrorist? Really?? I’m not happy about that. Not one bit. Such a clever disguise.
Green BuildingBy all means let’s build houses with as little insulation as possible – cuts into the profit margin don’t ya know? And cheesy windows of course – got to keep those after-market replacement guys in business! We’re only living in one of the harshest environments in the US… what the heck, make the buildings out of cheap concrete and turn up the themostat – Oil Never Ends!! um. no kids, it does.
LEED Certified (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design)So we should embrace  FIDO Certified housing? (Flimsy Inefficient Disposable Overpriced) ?
Because we WANT to consume all the resources on the planet! (locust chirp)
Carbon Neutral
Carbon Footprint
Stop worrying about how much crap YOU’RE spewing into the air that WE all have to BREATHE. Real Christian of you brother. Amenhallelujah-chaCHING.
Multimodal TransportationEveryone will drive Hummers. That’s it. Sit down and shut up, DFH.
Historic Preservation
Smart Growth
Scrape it, pop it… sounds like dealing with zits – which is what most of the new housing developments look (and live) like. Don’t preserve any of the character of our cities, just keep building! (locust chirp)
Smart Cars
Smart Meters
Smart Grid
Because smart things are always bad. Life was better when everything was stupid. Stupid is the new Red State color.
Unanticipated RevenueBecause how can you set up the bribes?
Pilot Projects
Pilot Programs
Now this is confusing. I thought pilots were their big heroes?
Conservation EasementRemember: Conservatives HATE Conservation. Conservative = Locust and locusts don’t preserve they consume. (that’s why they get so freaked out about ‘limiting consumerism’ in any way… they might starve!)
Triple Bottom Line Budgeting (All decisions based on “Society + Environment + Economy”)Because all spending decisions should be based on (“Us” – “Them” * “Profit” + “Destruction” + “Kick a DFH if at all possible”)
End of Ride FacilityBecause you NEVER get off their ‘bus’ – locusts don’t stop till they die. Sadly, they breed furiously so there’s always another swarm coming.

The  really, REALLY sad part about this whole thing is that for all these years I’ve trusted Kermit. Now I’m just lost. I mean… what’s next? Cookie Monster a mad bomber? At least I know Miss Piggy will never turn, she’s been about consumption all along.

Sing out, Louise: “It’s beginning to look a lot like oligarchy”

As seen on Huffington Post by Leo Gerard

[As sung to “It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas, Meredith Wilson, 1951]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Ev’rywhere you go;
Take a look in Tiffany’s store, glistening once again
With Wall Street bonus trinkets all aglow.
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Art flies from Christie’s.
But the amazing sight to see is the tax cut guarantee
For the most wealthy.

Hedge funders content, still paying 15 percent
Is the wish of Boehner and Mitch.
Help these hurt least by financial crises
Is the Chamber of Commerce pitch.
And the GOP and Tea Party can’t wait for Congress’ new session.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Ev’rywhere you go.
There’s treats in the tax break deal for all the very well-heeled:
Estate tax gifts for billionaires, you know?
It’s beginning to look like oligarchy
Secret campaign gifts
Give scions power in Congress halls to force jumps to all their calls,
Always good and swift.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
If you’re doing drugs.
Look at unemployed stats; foreclosures still roaring fast,
‘merican dreams and life savings both mugged.
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas:
Food bank grocery lists.
The only break the unemployed see is 13-month’s reprieve
jobless benefits.

Aid and career counselors for jobless 99ers
Was the wish of Bernie and friends;
Help through COLAs for veterans and grandmas;
Was the hope of liberal House Dems;
Both crushed, progressives now all dread Congress’ new session.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Ev’rywhere you go.
There is a poisonous pill slipped into the tax cut deal:
Robbing Social Security, oh no!
It’s beginning to look like oligarchy.
Soon budget cuts will start
And the thing that will make them sting is the knowledge that you bring
Of the pain they’ll impart.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Everywhere you go.
Take a look in Congress Hall, middle class badly mauled,
By demands from Republicans, you know?
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas;
Debts are racking up;
To help jobless 15 million, the bill’s $900 billion
— With the wealthy’s cut.

A steady job with good pay, health benefits to stay
Is the wish of the middle class.
A good economy; hope, security
Are the goals of the working class.
But they know Congress handles their concerns very last.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Ev’rywhere you go;
No money for construction or local government bond funds.
The stimulus will be much too low, so
It’s beginning to look like oligarchy;
Shake hard workers down
And give to the wealthy few, untrue to the red, white and blue,
Their greed has no bounds.

It ain’t over until…and no one is singing

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Who's behind the mask?

Pundits on the left. Pundits on the right. Pundits all over the place. These days the punditry can both masquerade as “news” and be reported as “news.”

The Republicans are energized. The Democrats lack enthusiasm. Whatever “side” they are on, they have one thing in common, that they are all self-declared prognosticators who know how the election is going to turn out before it even occurs. Sometimes it reminds me of little boys in the restroom challenging one another. I win. No, I win.

Hey, digging in and doing the research — that’s boring. It takes too much time and it might spoil both my story line and the outcome I’m predicting.

Robert Creamer (I guess you could call him a pundit, too.) actually did some interesting research on a number of House races across the country. In Time for the Pundits to Take a Deep Breath he details some interesting information on 18 House seats in play.

It’s way too early to call this game. Why? Most voters are just now starting to pay close attention — to the issues, to the arguments, to the candidates.

Although many voters are decidedly unhappy and anxious, polling shows that they don’t see Republicans as the answer. They hold the Republicans’ allies — Wall Street, insurance companies, America’s big business corporations — in vastly greater disdain than Democrats. And in spite of all the generic polling, elections are choices between individuals.

Democrats have the edge on the ground game. The wild card is, of course, the fallout from the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision that declared corporations to be people with free speech rights. Corporate cash is likely to flood the airwaves. Will it work? Or will the voter rebel?

So turn off the talking heads and take the news and newspapers with a grain of salt. Help the voters do their homework. Talk to the voters about the issues and the consequences of their choices.

Republican “establishment” candidates have been falling like flies. The GOP is now the GOTP.

Handlers will polish up the offerings of the Grand Old Tea Party voters. At a minimum, these candidates will backtrack on their statements and play the victim card. Tell the voters what these GOTP’er candidates don’t want them to know. And above all, GOTV (Get out the Vote).

Make sure that Congress (House and Senate) doesn’t become the Tea Party’s institutional Cuckoo’s Nest.

Tea Party to Tancredo: Don’t Run?

But I thought they LIKED Tancredo?

But I thought they LIKED Tancredo?

Update: Tancredo’s announced he’s going to run. Get the knife ready so that the CO GOP can cut off their nose to spite their face.

In a bizarre twist of political theatre Colorado Tea Party groups are all but begging Tom Tancredo not to run for governor.

Say WHAT? That wasn’t how the Longmont 9.12 group felt after he came to town and got them all fired up.

Could it be Tom’s terrible trials at the polling place? (I.E. that he has a tendency to lose – badly).

Lu Busse, chair of the 9.12 Project Colorado Coalition wrote an impassioned letter to Tancredo and the 9.12 members to try and wave him off from a surely-disastrous crash landing in the middle of the GOP landscape. In part she asked him how his threat to run lined up with his “principles.” Now there’s some high humor in this political circus – the teabaggers questioning someone’s principles… let alone one of their own. I confess to considerable amusement when reading that.

Tom’s always had a bit of problem with his mouth – he doesn’t seem to know when to shut it and he appears to have a constant longing for the taste of his own foot:

I can truly appreciate why the 9.12 folks are doing the math and realizing that Terrible Tommy wouldn’t just derail their crazy train, he’d send it right off the rails into the gorge, never to be seen again.

The problem is, the Tea Party is now stuck with a three-way cluster – McInnis who was caught with his metaphorical pants around his ankles in a messy and obvious plagiarism scandal, Dan Maes who’s said in so many words “he’ll walk in the door and start firing people” and Tom “Bomb Mecca” Tancredo.

If this is how the CO GOP conducts the run-up to an election, one has to wonder what their style of state governance would look like.

Dan Maes will walk in the door and “start firing people”

The following Letter to the Editor appeared in The Denver Post “Perspective” on Sunday, July 18, 2010 and in the Post’s e-Letters:

Dan Maes responded to The Denver Post’s questions as a run-of-the-mill conservative Republican. But I saw the real Dan Maes at the April 22 Tea Party Forum in Longmont. I recorded the event and wrote about him and others on FreeRangeLongmont.com.

Maes spoke then as he is and not as he would like you to believe he is. He proclaimed, “You can take TABOR from my cold dead hands.” And you better watch out because “here come the unions, here come the teachers with the violins” and “is this a nanny state or what.” If elected, he’ll “walk in the door and start firing people” in the Governor’s Office, the Department of Local Affairs, and at all of the regulatory agencies.”

He’ll “beg forgiveness from every energy company that Bill Ritter chased out of the state.” And he’ll be darned if he’ll support solar or wind if there are any subsidies involved. He wants to make Colorado a police state like Arizona is about to become, and he claims this has “nothing to do with race.” It has to do with “environmental sustainability.”

As a sign-off, Maes rallied the group’s hatred of President Barack Obama, proclaiming, “In 2012, this idiot is so gone.”

Longmont Mayor Backstabs Community

Prefers Teabaggers to Council Member

Where people display questionable motives and intimidating communication to win arguments, display power and/or belittle others.

Elections are supposed to represent the will of the people.  However, if you accept this premise, then it would be necessary to conclude that the people of Longmont are suffering from a pronounced case of arrested development.  Is this the case or were the voters in Longmont hoodwinked?

Mayor Bryan Baum demonstrated today that he has not matured beyond the level of a junior high student, one with major character flaws at that.  Beyond immaturity, Baum demonstrated that he is one of the most vindictive members of the Longmont community.  The man dishonors and humiliates the City of Longmont at every opportunity.

This week the Colorado Municipal League (CML) meets in Breckenridge for its annual meeting to cover a number of areas important in the conduct of municipal governance.  As part of the agenda, each year the CML elects a certain number to its Board of Directors.  Amongst this year’s candidates was Longmont Council Member Sarah Levison.

When it came time to cast votes, Baum along with his accomplices, refused to cast votes in support of their fellow colleague.  A well-placed anonymous source revealed that when questioned about his lack of decency, Mayor Baum replied, “I’m not voting for her and you can’t make me.

“You can’t make me!” How many times have we as parents heard that from recalcitrant children who refused to behave properly?  While we all know that we can lead the proverbial horse to water but we can’t make it drink, as parents we have options.  We can call a time out.  We can deprive the child of something of value to him.  We can inflict a variety of punishment measures, especially if the behavior is egregious and persistent.

Mayor Baum and Council Members Gabe Santos and Alex Sammoury revealed the depths to which they would sink in recent city council meetings over the Resolution to endorse Council Member Levison in her bid to sit on the CML Board.  Even Council Member Katie Witt cautioned about the long-run implications of this food fight instigated by Baum and Santos and carried to its extreme by Sammoury.

This year’s CML conference began on Tuesday.  Fortuitously or serendipitously, early in the conference agenda was a session on “learning to face conflict in new and effective ways.” The material presented four environments that describe methods of conflict resolution.  It’s astonishing that the method that our current majority leadership follows precisely the “Harsh –Light” environment.

“Harsh-Light Environment”

Where people display questionable motives and intimidating communication to win arguments, display power and/or belittle others.

+ Debate +Questionable motives +Back-stabbing +Defensiveness

The CML Bylaws allow for member municipalities to cast votes in all of the three categories defined by population size.  Sources report that Mayor Baum chose to vote for every candidate that displays a “teabagger” mentality over intelligent, learned and dedicated public servants like Ms. Levison.

Evidence of collusion amongst Baum and others was in evidence up until the final votes were cast.  Apparently the deplorable behavior of our mayor even delayed the conclusion of voting for a period of time.

Mayor Baum, you do not  “play well with others” and you are in desperate need of an intervention.  Cease and desist, Mayor Baum.  You were not elected as “God”.  You were not elected as “King”.  And your dictatorial behavior has no place in a representative democracy.

The level of Voter Remorse is growing exponentially.  The community has only so much patience.  Your role as mayor is not a lifetime appointment.  Sooner or later you will be voted out of office.

Tea partiers employ selective memory

The Northern Colorado Tea Party is clearly having a crisis of conscience. They want publicity (desperate for it I suspect) but not this kind of publicity – they’re trying to spin away the tea party’s own leader’s racist sign as well as reports of racist remarks.

One the one hand, they’ve loved Rep. Steve King (R) when he was saying the right things but not so much when he says the far-right things…

Even Cory Gardner doesn’t want to be seen with him.

Logically enough, since King is quoted as saying:

“the president has demonstrated that he has a default mechanism in him that breaks down the side of race – on the side that favors the black person.”

Wow. Now that’s some stupid.

You’d think people would learn not to talk to a crimminal like G. Gordon Liddy.

Scott Gessler: By the company he keeps

Scott Gessler, Republican candidate for Colorado Secretary of State

Scott Gessler, Republican candidate for Colorado Secretary of State

Scott Gessler, the Republican Party’s ever-so-slick choice to run for Secretary of State this November has a dossier that only an authoritarian father-party could love.

While moaning and groaning, ranting and raving, over the influence of soft (527) money, he is up to his neck inside these organizations.

The 527 designation applies to political organizations that have tax-exempt status under section 527 of the Internal Revenue Service code.  They are organized and operated “primarily for the purpose of directly or indirectly accepting contributions or making expenditures” with the intent of influencing the “selection, nomination, election, or appointment of any individual to Federal, State, or local public office or office in a political organization, or the election of Presidential electors.”

Gessler’s group, Coloradans for Change is a 527 that took at least one massive donation of $125,000 from the Senate Majority Fund and another donation of $100,872 from the Colorado Leadership Fund.  Both groups were defendants in a lawsuit by Colorado Ethics Watch for sponsoring unethical campaign ads and skirting campaign finance laws.

Money, however, appears to flow both ways with some of these 527s.  On two occasions funds flowed from Coloradans for Change to the Colorado Leadership Fund, in one instance for $46,125.  Might this be a case of “political money laundering” or are we merely talking about political incest?  And where Scott Gessler is concerned, there’s certainly a lot of the latter going on.

Gessler is also the man behind the curtain for Colorado Conservative Voters, a 527 whose purpose is “to education Colorado citizens about issues, officeholders, and political candidates that further conservative values.”

And if all this 527 hypocrisy isn’t enough, he’s rubbing questionable elbows with a guy named Scott Shires, also connected to Coloradans for Change and the Senate Majority Fund.

Shires, along with Scott Gessler, is also listed as Western Tradition Partnership’s registered agent.  Western Tradition Partnership is registered with the IRS as a nonprofit 501c4. According to Luis Toro, general counsel for Colorado Ethics Watch, these nonprofit groups have come to replace 527 organizations as the favored shell for political contributions.  They became popular after 527s faced greater disclosure requirements at the state and national level.

Gessler joined this shell game with Western Skies Coalition and Coloradans for Economic Growth, both of which have had complaints filed with the IRS presenting evidence that these organizations might have spent more of their total resources on actions that influence elections in Colorado rather than on social welfare activities, in violation of their federal tax-exempt status.

Shires, the Republican operative and front man for many 527s, has a history of violating campaign reporting regulations.  Shires has also been indicted on an alleged money laundering scheme to hide an illegal gambling operation.

Scott Shires is behind yet another 527, the Colorado League of Taxpayers who attacked Longmont council candidate Richard Juday in a January 2008 mailer.  A similar event occurred in Garfield County.  Colorado Ethics Watch sued Shires for campaign violations in that case and he was fined in excess of $7,000.

So these two “Scotts” are joined at the political hips.  Both Republican operatives.  Both of whom appear to have never met an election law for which they didn’t have contempt.

Flying further under the radar are Gessler’s other political bedfellows.  He’s allied with Coalition for a Conservative Majority (founded by Tom DeLay, who has been indicted on felony conspiracy and money-laundering charges) and he is a frequent “guest” at rightwing reactionary groups, such as the Tea Party.

Scott Gessler has the political gall to think we should make him Colorado’s next Secretary of State, the position that guarantees the security and legitimacy of our elections.   No way, Mr. Gessler.  You aren’t qualified.  It’s a matter of trust.  It’s a matter of common sense.  It’s a matter of integrity.