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SEC – The Watchdog De-fanged

Judy Lubow for Planet Warning

The United States and the world are still struggling with the economic wreckage from the 2008 financial meltdown. That meltdown was largely precipitated by the reckless financial practices perpetrated by the big Wall Street firms.

Given this history, it seems very strange that the very government agency supposed to control Wall Street abuses is, itself, under attack. The Securities and Exchange Commission has had its 2012 budget request slashed by over 220 million by the Republican-controlled House Appropriations Committee. This, just when the SEC needs as much funding as it can get to try to implement the financial reforms passed by the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform act. Hmmm, this sure looks like another example of the GOP talking the talk of tough reform while walking the walk of continued coziness with Wall Street.

You can learn more about under funding of the SEC by going to the website thisisnotadrillradio.org.

Oceans in Distress

Judy Lubow for Planet Warning

Our beautiful ocean covers 71% of the earth’s surface and, in the United States alone, one out of every six jobs is marine-related. Yet, human activity is destroying this essential resource. This, according to a report prepared by scientists of the International Programme on the State of the Ocean.

According to Alex Rogers, the scientific director of the International Programme, the findings are shocking. Scientists discovered that the negative changes in the ocean from climate change and other human-caused stressors are occurring at a faster rate than previously thought. These changes include the melting of the polar ice sheets, the rise in sea level, the release of sea bed methane, etc. In addition, the scientists unexpectedly discovered that the synergistic impact from the combination of these individual negative effects, is now also causing increased threat to marine life. In other words, we’re creating an inter-connected soup of destruction for ocean life arising from an unholy combination of our individual negative activities.

If you’d like to learn more about the distressed state of the ocean, and to access organizations addressing ocean health, you can go to the website: thisisnotadrillradio.org.

Asthma Epidemic

Judy Lubow for Planet Warning

Asthma is not a fun condition to have. It’s a lifelong disease that causes breathlessness, wheezing, coughing – and sometimes even death. According to the Centers for Disease Control, asthma afflicts more and more people every year in the US. In 1970, the CDC estimates that only 3% of the US population had asthma. In 2009, that percentage was up to 8.2%, with some 25,000,000 sufferers nationwide. Although asthma prevalence has increased for all groups of Americans studied, this disease is effecting the most vulnerable of our population most severely. Among black children, 17% had the disease in 2009 – amounting to nearly a 50% increase since 2001.

The CDC does not know why asthma is increasing so much, although some theories target allergens, exhaust fumes, pesticides, or plastics. One thing we do know is that President Obama’s budget proposes huge cuts in funding to the National Asthma Control Program, the federal health care program targeting asthma. Once again, it’s the poor and sick that bear the burden of government budget cuts.

If you’d like to learn more about asthma in the United States, and to access organizations addressing the disease, you can go to the website thisisnotadrillradio.org.