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Jim Davies: Yale letter “poppycock”

Photo by Free Range Longmont

Melinda Yale – spouting “poppycock”

Melinda Yale accuses President Obama of corrupt Chicago politics (Times-Call, July 7) yet makes no case for it. Political corruption is defined as the use of power by government officials for illegitimate private gain. Of all the things the right has thrown at Obama, I don’t recall anybody of accusing him of illicit private gain.

Yale goes on to declare that many of the rich are giving up their citizenship, again with no facts to back up the claim. It appears to me that the rich have done very well during this economic downturn. Large companies are making record profits, and the stock market’s ticking right along. It is just the great unwashed masses that are paying for the mistakes of her “risk takers” (read “banksters.” )

Yale then states that Obama has bypassed both the Constitution and Congress. I’m assuming she is talking of the health care bill and immigration. The health care bill was passed by Congress, just not by her favorite portion of Congress. The bill was held to be constitutional by the Supreme Court, thanks to that turncoat Justice Roberts.

The president tweaked the immigration policy to protect young people brought to this country illegally through no fault of their own because Congress continues to sit on its collective hands and do nothing. The Republicans can either get to work and pass some policy changes or take back the presidency and tweak them back to where they were, but after all their griping they probably won’t change them back — that would be political suicide.

Yale turns the subject to socialism and quickly morphs socialism into communism and declares that the Democratic Party and all labor unions are communists. Perhaps the Republicans need to dig up Joe McCarthy and let him have at it again. What poppycock!

Doug Graham: What’s the connection?

Rightwing loonies attack anything in sightI think it’s terribly cute how the Times-Call tries to pretend it’s a real newspaper then turns around and publishes attack articles about Free Range Longmont. The most recent screed by Doug Graham pretty much calls out by name the entire Progressive community in Longmont and tries to claim FRL is some sort of nefarious ringleader. Hey, I’m delighted to be associated with Progressives – FRL is a progressive publication. And should we play a leading role in things progressive, local or beyond, we wear that badge with great honor and satisfaction. Free Range Longmont was born of the need to counter heavily biased reporting of the Times-Call as well as the Times-Call’s failures to cover information that was not in line with its right-wing agenda.

So sure, FRL is Progressive and we’re PROUD OF IT. Our masthead proclaims it clearly: Progressively Better News.

Not surprisingly, Mr. Graham gets a bit crumbly as he whines about FRL’s moderation policies:

They “nuke” what they don’t like but otherwise reuse, edit and republish your comments as they please, then throw the T-C under the bus implying it encourages libel, which is ironic considering how often members of the “team” submit opinions to the T-C.

Right there, in one line is classic TC distortion. FRL doesn’t “nuke” things “we don’t like” we delete comments that come from fake email addresses, attack our authors or use hate speech of any kind. The Times-Call could benefit from such a policy since their comments are routinely full of anonymous hatred, bile and sometimes just plain incomprehensible lunacy – some of which could be Mr. Graham (wearing a stylish mask provided by TC’s own IT team). Oh, and how dare any of FRL writers use their First Amendment rights to send LTEs to the newspaper. The temerity!!

Free Range Longmont’s ‘ends’ are quite simple: we want to give Longmont the information the T-C tries (and routinely fails *arf*arf*) to suppress and allow the Progressive community in Longmont to have a clear voice in the public square. We want citizens to be able to speak out against the extreme right-wing power base that’s slowly but surely wrecking our home. Lastly we intend to provide that forum without the barrage of lies and libels routinely seen among the T-C comments. Let the rabid right seek and destroy elsewhere.

Doug Graham, VP of IT at MediaNews GroupFree Range Longmont is here and here to stay. Newspapers loss of influence is already well-documented and it’s time for the fishwrap factories and their corporate owners to wake up and realize the game has changed.

There is a “Doug Graham” listed on LinkedIn but he claims he’s ‘never read the Times-Call’ – which is odd since he was IT VP for their parent company. I leave that conundrum for the reader to solve.

Longmont’s ALEC impersonators

The following address was presented to the Longmont City Council at its July 26, 2011 meeting.


Big money crushing the little people

ALEC. No, not Alex with an X; ALEC with a C

It’s a acronym. It stands for the American Legislative Exchange Council – a secretive front group of hundreds of corporations that are investing millions of dollars a year to write business-friendly legislation at the expense of the middle class, the working class and those in poverty.

ALEC develops and distributes model bills to state elected officials, with the intent those bills be passed in as many state legislatures as possible. ALEC has drafted more than 800 model bills for state legislators, including efforts to privatize everything from schools to prisons, to weaken workers’ rights, and to make it more difficult for citizens to vote,

ALEC develops model bills in task forces where only private business interests and legislators participate. Sound familiar?

ALEC is lobbying in state capitals across the country, all while claiming to the Internal Revenue Service that they are a charitable organization. By claiming to be a charity and calling participating legislators “members,” ALEC attempts to evade disclosure of its lobbying, allows corporate members to deduct their payments as charitable contributions rather than non-deductible lobbying expenses, and does an end-run around state ethics laws.

Longmont, a local home rule municipality, doesn’t have this level of sophistication. Nonetheless, the corporate business interests in this community and in surrounding communities are engaging in very similar practices. They only need to place a phone call to a like-mined council member, schmooze at the Chamber or the Rotary, and contact sympathetic staff members. And the results are fundamental ordinance changes that remove policies that benefit the environment and the community in general and replace them with ordinances that benefit a corrupt ideology and the bank accounts of developers, realtors and all of the businesses aligned accordingly.

The Longmont City Council has:

  • Eliminated Inclusionary Zoning and, as a consequence, has damaged irreparably the city’s Affordable Housing Program and the interest of not only future participants but those of current participants.
  • Eliminated storm water provisions knowing full well, and taking pride in the fact, that the State of Colorado lacks the resources to assure compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency requirements. In some cases, these permits have been reduced from $2000 to $50. Staff and certain council members are at risk of breaking their arms as they pat themselves on the back over this one.
  • And then there are the lawsuit settlements that have transferred nearly $200,000 of taxpayer dollars into the coffers of their ideological allies – Scott Gessler, LifeBridge Church, and Dean Lehman’s Times- Call.

There are other ethical affronts, but three minutes is insufficient to name them all. It’s a crying shame that Longmont has stooped so low and joined in principle with the likes of ALEC.

Far right bad-mouthing itself

Now I’ve seen everything.

In my opinion, the Times-Call moderators, ever non-vigilant about smears or libels on myself or Kaye Fissinger, are deleting any and all criticism of the GOP. (I’m shocked!)

A comment I posted contained the acronym ‘IOKIYAR1 and it was not only deleted in less than ten minutes but a comment followed it’s deletion:

So first we have an individual who wants to flip off others at a school, and then the TC allows a vulgar and pornographic acronym from her cohort M. Wray?

So, a flat-out lie about Ms. Fissinger is okay (no one got ‘flipped off’ – ever) and an acronym that mocks GOP hypocrisy is ‘pornography’ and ‘vulgar’.

Okay… if you say so. GOP hypocrisy is ‘pornography’ and ‘vulgar’ and you heard it on the Times-Call first, courtesy of the far-right lunatic fringe!

Thanks kids!!

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

1. IOKIYAR: It’s Okay If You’re A Republican. In other words – do as the GOP says, not as the GOP does

Ironic, but the entire comment stream has been removed. Well, I suppose that’s one way to silence your political opponents. Heck of a job Deanie, heck of a job.

Longmont’s rightwing extremists damage discourse, and more

Norman RockwellFor years members of the Longmont community have discussed with me their distress at the level of discourse that they read and hear. They specifically reference the comments that appear at Times-Call Online.

Most have chosen to just stop reading the comments, if not the articles themselves. They talk to me about the lack of knowledge by so many who write comments. Some are just baffled at the unapologetic ignorance displayed.

They are perplexed as to why the Times-Call permits the personal attacks and the overall level of viciousness. “The T-C has a commenting policy but they don’t adhere to it,” they say. How do they know this? They tell me that they have reported certain commenters enough times to have those accounts disabled, yet those same commenters are still posting. They wonder if the Times-Call is selective about what they allow and what they don’t. I tell them to let the evidence guide their judgment.

They also have the similar concerns about the T-C Line.

Some wonder if most of the people who comment to Times-Call articles actually represent most of Longmont. Yet they personally know so many good, smart, intelligent people that they have a difficult time believing that these others could really be the real Longmont.

Recently, I’ve heard concerns that are much more serious than rightwing extremists “shooting off their mouths.”

I’ve had people tell me that they’ve written letters to the editor and then scrapped them because of fear of retaliation – either against themselves or their family. Others would like to speak at city council meetings but they know that attacks will follow.

I usually don’t tell them that they haven’t seen the worst of it. They don’t know about Longmont’s worst rightwing blogger. They don’t know about other attack sites, some active and some semi-dormant. Perhaps I should tell them. Perhaps it’s past time that they face the most unpleasant of political realities that have taken over the community in the last two years or so.

It has gone too far when members of our community don’t feel free to exercise their first amendment right to speak freely about issues. When they cower in fear of attacks. When they wonder if their families will be harassed. When they wonder if their jobs will be targeted. When they wonder if they will have to endure emotional abuse, if not physical abuse.

These are “ordinary” citizens of Longmont. They are not activists, some of whom have gotten used to a certain level of abuse. Most of the community’s activists recognize that some of this (though not all) is the price they pay for helping the community improve. For helping the community face its flaws. For creating a better Longmont for everyone.

It saddens me to know that this is happening. It saddens me even more to know that this is precisely the intent of the people in question. They intend that only their voices are heard. It’s called intimidation–at best, threatening–at worst.

And it will work, my fellow Longmonters. It will work unless you “screw your courage to the sticking post” and say, “No More!” “Enough!” This is your community, too. Your have both the right – and the duty – to speak, to shape your community, to cherish and protect the city you call home.

The super-secret spy network

This is shocking, chilling and un-American for any City Council member to be affiliated in any way with the Longmont Area Democrats’ political spying machine and intimidation functionaries. Holy smoke,if they can track the Mayor and his wife’s IP addresses and discriminate this to political spy masters they can do it to YOU! These people are far more dangerous than the Watergate plumbers because they are here and now spying on the very people the sworn an oath to protect. With this revelation a Mata Harri spy network run possibly by someone sitting up there on that dais is either controlling the probing the lives and privacy of their fellow Council members or they are receiving the fruits of the possible crime. The corruption of the liberal progressives gets deeper the stronger the political power of the Council members involved. If this spy ring can tap the mayor and his wife’s computers they can and probably are spying on you or will if you don’t agree with them.

KC, Longmont, 6/8/2010 2:40 PM

This is just silly.

Whenever a person posts a comment on a website, their IP (Internet Protocol) address is also posted – it’s public knowledge.


The real corruption is the mayor and his wife having secret meetings with attack bloggers and running a nonstop smear campaign with the eager help of far-right teabaggers.

These people are just plain nuts.

Longmont Community Slaps Blogger Wrongmont and Times-Call

The Longmont Daily Times-Call would do well to heed the words that chastised Senator Joe McCarthy, the communist witch-hunter of the 1950s: “Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”

President and Editor Dean Lehman permitted an attack on Council Member Sarah Levison that far exceeded any I have yet to read in the Times-Call against a sitting council member.

The Times-Call hides behind the notion of a “public figure” exception in order to justify attacks when it suits Mr. Lehman’s fancy. I doubt very much that Mr. Lehman would permit a similar attack on his favored four. Remember, the Times-Call endorsed Baum, Santos, Witt and Sammoury in last year’s election.

The Longmont community was justifiably outraged by such an attack and has not hesitated to let both the Times-Call and Chris Rodriguez know it.

Community LTEs opposing Rodriguez OpEd