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Don’t wait until you’re personally threatened

We are living in such an amazing time. Our trust in the conventional centers of power is at an all-time low. Whether it is local government, state government or national government, our belief that they or their regulatory agencies truly care about the interest of the public is highly questionable.

The hierarchical structure of government seems to benefit only those that are at the top or those that believe they are immune from the tentacles of power. Those that are at the top are committed to protect and increase their influence and make the rules that benefit this top-down structure. They believe that with charm and ruthlessness they can coerce the general public into accepting their decrees.

The public tends to not react until they are personally threatened by one issue or another: hydraulic fracking in their backyard, GMOs in their food supply, their inability to get a living wage job, healthcare that they can’t afford, foreclosure on their homes, etc.

But somehow the general public seems not the see the inter-consecutiveness between all of these issues. They are basically economic in nature; those who control the money, control the outcome. Changing who controls the hierarchy will make no difference! As long as power is controlled by money, the results will always be the same.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is horizontal in nature, designed to draw attention to the injustice and unfairness of our status quo, money-driven power structure! It’s not so much about specific demands as showing the frustration with our dysfunctional system. If you feel frustrated or marginalized, occupy your city, your town, your neighborhood. It’s your last best chance!