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City’s IGA with Firestone shows council majority’s true allegiance

Vermin have taken over city council

I smell a rat, actually, FOUR OF THEM

The radical city council majority of Mayor Baum and Council Members Santos, Witt and Sammoury have decided that Longmont needs a “regional” vision. This vision, and I use this word sarcastically, means an alignment with the Southwest Weld communities of Firestone, Frederick and Dacono. It will come as no surprise when they finally admit to their secret planning with certain members of the community who are bankrolling the effort to sever Longmont’s relationship with Boulder County in favor of a new “St. Vrain County.” This initiative is purely partisan and emphatically not in best interest of the people of Longmont. It is meant to cement a radical ideology. This council and their operatives are determined to destroy Longmont as most of our citizens know it.

The following remarks were made to Longmont City Council during the Public Hearing on Second Reading in response to the Intergovernmental Agreement between Firestone and Longmont.

I just love “Whereas’s” and there’s one in the IGA between Longmont and Firestone that makes me want a step stool to avoid the flow of fluids underfoot.

The formal agreement with Firestone specifies that, “WHEREAS this intergovernmental agreement is reasonably necessary to protect, enhance and preserve the public health, safety and welfare of the City of Longmont’s citizens.” Oh, really. Giving the benefit of the doubt, I’ll assume that this is boilerplate, because our legal department couldn’t possibly be serious on this one.

In my previous presentation to council I stated that, “They say that the ‘devil is in the details.’ But sometimes the devil is in statements so broad that you can drive a Mack truck through them.” But there are some “details” in this agreement that should give at least some members of this city council heartburn.

The “Union-St. Vrain Planning Area” has SH 66 as the northern boundary. Why? Who’s planning what in the future? Firestone’s planning area crawls up CR 5 to CR 28 and goes east. So why mark the area all the way to SH 66? Firestone claims to be a “Community in Motion.” Are they planning on moving all the way up to Highway 66?

Firestone’s planning area on the south ends at SH 119. Yet the Union-St. Vrain Planning Area encompasses a block that continues southward marked on the west by Fairview on the east by CR 7 and on the south by CR 20. A big chunk of that is Longmont’s Open Space and Sandstone Ranch. Is Firestone planning more motion, or should I say encroachment against Longmont’s borders.

Staff’s council communication states that part of the intent of the agreement is to provide, “Reasonable access to each party along WCR 26 whether the road is in Firestone or Longmont.” Does that mean that Firestone wants the new LifeBridge church to be able to empty hundreds maybe thousands of cars onto CR 26 at tremendous disturbance to Union Reservoir and the rural surrounds, rather than onto Fairview or SH 119? I’m well-studied in the various iterations of LifeBridge’s development plans and this is certainly a reasonable assumption.

The communication also states, “Longmont will soon be undertaking a Master Plan for Union Reservoir and will provide information to and consult with Firestone about the adjacency of each community’s planned land uses.” Are we to presume that Firestone is allowed a voice in Longmont’s recreational plans because LifeBridge and Church Development Fund plan a development just south of that? Union Reservoir is Longmont’s, not Firestone’s, and if future Firestone residents plan to use it, they should not overrun the amenity and they should have to pay out-of-community rates for whatever privilege Longmont allows.

But none of this should really surprise me. This council majority has always been more concerned with Firestone than with Longmont because of their relationship with LifeBridge principals and their related developers and real estate interests.