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I'm entitled to be mayor!

I had thought that I would wait until the dust had settled before weighing in with commentary on yesterday’s election.  But it seems our never-illustrious current mayor Bryan Baum is saying that “It’s not over yet.”

Baum is refusing to concede the election to mayor-elect Dennis Coombs.  While the difference in votes is small in number (164), it does not fall under the threshold for an automatic recount.

If this recalcitrance were demonstrated by any other candidate, I could understand a “wait and see” attitude.  But this is Bryan Baum, a man who is firmly convinced of his own entitlement, his own rightness, and his own righteousness.  He does not recognize or acknowledge any disgrace at being a pawn or a willing participant in the city takeover by American Tradition Partnership and its “silent” and/or secretive partners and supporters.

Twice ATP inserted itself into Longmont elections (2009 and 2011) to claim ownership of the city.  It succeeded astonishingly in 2009 and somewhat less so in 2011.  Perhaps those more rational elements of Longmont society are beginning to “get it.”  Time will tell.

I can’t imagine that American Tradition Partnership will take their defeat in losing Baum lightly.  I would imagine that phone calls are zipping through lines or the ether as I write this.  Not to give any strategic ideas, for this group never ceases to amaze as to its lies and manipulations, but I also wonder if there aren’t phone calls to Hackstaff Law Group (former law firm of Scott Gessler), if not straight to the Secretary of State’s office, to create some sort of electoral dust-up.

You see, these people don’t play fair.  They never have.  They never will.  Not when money and power are at stake.  The sad aspect of this is that most people in Longmont still cling to the idea that “It can’t happen here.”  It has happened here.  It will continue to happen here because Longmont is pivotal to a radical agenda that knows no bounds and has no moral compass.

In a best case scenario as a result of last night’s election, perhaps all seven (new and old) members of Longmont’s City Council will find their OWN voice.  With Bryan Baum out of the mix, it would be expected that a great deal of bullying and arm twisting and screaming at fellow council members will cease.  Is there someone in waiting to take over this function?  I hope not.  Again, time will tell.