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“Come Home, America”

Polly Christensen will lead the discussion of William Greider’s latest book, Come Home, America: The Rise and Fall (And Redeeming Promise) Of Our Country during the September meeting of the Progressive Book Club. The dicussion will be held at the Longmont Progressive Center at 11:00 AM on Saturday, September 17th. Coffee will be served.

For decades, William Greider acknowledges, he has played the role of Cassandra, “warning of dire economic consequences ahead and being mostly ignored.” A former journalist for The Washington Post and Rolling Stone, he has felt “like a bag lady on a street corner, waving a placard at the passing crowds.”

Greider believes that the financial crisis is his last best hope – and America’s. The nation, he claims, has reached “a rare moment” with the potential to empower citizens to “disarm the prevailing concentrations of power” and “liberate democracy.”

Read William Greider’s articles in The Nation magazine.

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